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Design Stage

The DesignStage© application is a tool for the planning of event staging using Portafloor© stage modules.

This application simplifies the job of fitting the modules together and calculating the accessories needed to erect the stage safely, under Australian Standards for uniform distribution loads on dance floors & grand stands..

The application consists of three main screens.

Event ScreenThe Event screen details the information regarding the event, client, venue and job number. Using the calendars to set the installation and removal dates the application will calculate the number of full days. The times are for installation and removal scheduling only and have no bearing on the length of the day. Therefore single over-night and same day hires are classed as one day1.

Stage ScreenEach Stage2 screen allows the selection of module size, and total stage dimensions. The dimensions are how wide, high and deep the stage is required to be. The actual size is calculated to suit the modules and listed in the Parts List. The calculations round the stage size down to suit the modules, so stages are ensured to fit into the space requested. A layout is given to suit the parts listed3.
At the moment the only accessories calculated are Leveling Goblets. Future additions will include a customizable skirting, carpet and treads.

Summary ScreenA list of all stages in the event is listed in the Summary screen along with the total of all parts required.

The registered version includes

  • Customization of module pricing.
  • Customization of pricing schedule.
  • Up to 99 individual Stages1
  • Text Export features4.
  • Report Printing.

Porta floor componentsPORTAFLOOR ©

Portafloor © modules are made from a patented aluminium extrusion & a unique cast aluminium corner piece which holds the extrusion together & the legs in place. The modules have a thickness of 76mm (3") with the legs detached. Portafloor complies with Australian Standards for uniform distribution loads on dance floors & grand stands. 


  • 2.4 mtrs x 1.2 mtrs (8' x 4'
  • 1.2 mtrs x 1.2 mtrs (4'x 4')
  • 2 mtrs x 1 mtr (6'8" x 3'4")
  • 1 mtr x 1 mtr (3'4" x 3'4")


Legs are any 40mm nom bore pipe. Our standard leg sizes come in 150mm increments ranging from 15Onim through to 1200mm, any stage over 900mm will require extra cross bracing of the legs using pipe & fittings.


All modules join together securely with the use of specially designed clamps
Top clamps - join two modules together
Two ways - clamp two legs together
Four ways - clamp four legs together


Specially designed by Allset Productions for uneven surfaces, either indoor or outdoor. These adjustable feet are used with standard legs.

  1. Customization of this feature is available.
  2. A "Stage" is defined by one or more modules. Including risers, catwalks, etc
  3. If the stage does not follow the layout, the number of 4-way clamps will not match
    NB. swap the width and depth for alternate layouts.
  4. Research is underway on comatability with the HirePoint software and after testing will be available in a gold version later in the year.
  5. DesignStage has been undergoing commercial testing since December 1997 at Allset Productions in Brisbane.



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